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Geek, Video

Sonic the Ringhog

0 Comments 13 December 2011

Hilarious video from RespectThePact This takes us through the reforming addict Sonic’s attempt to give up the Rings. Go subscribe…new videos every 2 weeks!

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Art, Geek, Music, Video

Tribute to woman in Sci-Fi

0 Comments 13 June 2011

Kick ass video by Charmax. I f•ckin love ladies of sci-fi...LOVE! Now...if I could only find a lady of sci-fi to occupy my time and take me away from this rock. Earth is soooooo overrated! Music By: The Imagined Village Introducing the babes

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Less is More2-D2

Art, Geek, star wars

Less is More2-D2

0 Comments 13 June 2011

Fantastic Artoo minimalist Star Wars poster. 16 x 12 that's a pretty good sized print for the measly price of $12.90 Done f•ckin sweetly by artist: JoE or Joseph AKA Monster Gallery from Singapore. JoE is doin a series of minimalist posters.

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Art, Geek, Music, Tech, Video

Absolutely Amazing (PERIOD)

0 Comments 02 June 2011

Is Tropical || The Greeks When I first saw this video last week it had 100,000 hits. That's f•ckin plenty but, this thang has since gone viral and's cause it's rad. Been a long time...since I've seen a video that was so well done and m

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The art & life of Ivan Garcia

Art, Geek

The art & life of Ivan Garcia

0 Comments 08 February 2011

After looking over all the amazing art that Iván has done, I knew that I needed to talk to him. I was extremely curious as to how the life of an artist from a different country may vary from that of one livin in the USA.  So I approached him with a

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0 Comments 27 January 2011

Last week Elliott Serrano of Geek to Me asked me to write a guest post for his blog. It's wordy heartfelt and has no swears.  Take a second to look at her if you wanna. Are Geeks & Nerds better than the "Cool kids"?

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